Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dirty Dancing (1987) [PG-13] ****

Set in the summer of 1963 at Kellerman's Resort in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, it's the story of Frances Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey), an idealistic teenager who dreams of working in the Peace Corps. Over the course of that magical summer, Baby grows up; she discovers her love of dancing, falls in love with Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze), a dance instructor at the resort, loses her innocence, gains some wisdom, and earns the respect of her father and the admiration of her mother and older sister.

The dance choreography is brilliant and the music is nostalgic and evocative. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze are perfectly matched on the dance floor, and the romantic chemistry between them is sizzling. The screenplay is inspired, with some memorable dialog, and there are fine supporting performances from Jerry Orbach as Baby's father Dr. Houseman, and Jack Weston as resort owner and manager Max Kellerman.

If you're from the Sixties, or even if you just enjoy films set in that era, films with romance, passion, music and dancing, films like American GraffitiBack to the FutureGreasePeggy Sue Got Married, Pleasantville, A Summer Place and That Thing You Do!, then you will treasure Dirty Dancing.

The surprising popularity of this beautiful film inspired screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein to adapt her script for the stage. Performed worldwide, the stage musical has been an incredible success and has broken all attendance records for musical stage productions at London West End theaters. You can find out more about Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story On Stage by going to DirtyDancingOnStage. And don't forget to check out the rich collection of extras on the 20th Anniversary DVD, including recent interviews with Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

Labels: dance, drama, music, romance, teenager
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Metacritic 65/100
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