Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bed of Roses (1996) [PG] ****

Lewis was a promising young investment banker at Goldman Sachs, married and blissfully in love. Then one night his pregnant wife went into premature labor and he lost everything in one moment. Utterly despondent, he cashed out and quit. Eventually, he bought a flower shop and started delivering flowers, because he enjoyed seeing the happy smiles on people's faces. Then, late one night while out for a walk, Lewis looked up, and saw Lisa standing at her apartment window, crying. Innocently curious, he found out who she was and where she worked. Lisa, by coincidence, was also an investment banker, but unlike Lewis who had a large loving family, Lisa had been a foundling, raised by foster parents who were now gone. Lisa's only real girlfriend is Kim, a compassionate elementary school teacher; her current boyfriend, Danny, is the romantic equivalent of a nightlight. Captivated by Lisa, Lewis delivers a lovely bouquet of flowers to her, claiming they're an anonymous gift, but Lisa is skeptical; she tracks Lewis down at his florist shop and discovers the truth.

This is a warm, tender, truly memorable love story about two people who are afraid to reach out and take a chance on love because they've been scarred by personal loss in the past. Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson are wonderful in their roles as Lewis and Lisa, two people who wake up to love and realize they've been sleepwalking through life. Pamela Segall provides light humor as Kim, and Josh Brolin is romantically clueless as Danny. The soundtrack is terrific, and the DVD includes Jann Arden's music video Insensitive. If you enjoyed Sabrina (1995), When Harry Met Sally...While You Were Sleeping or Lucky Seven, I predict you will really enjoy Bed of Roses. 

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