Sunday, April 4, 2010

Still Breathing (1997) [PG-13] *****

Fletcher (Brendan Fraser) is an artist and puppeteer, living in San Antonio, Texas. He's been waiting all his life for a vision of his one true love. Then, late one night, Fletcher has a vision of a lovely dark-haired girl fleeing from danger, and then a neon sign that says: Formosa.

Assuming that his true love must be Chinese, Fletcher books a flight to Taiwan. While between flights at LAX airport, he sees a picture of the Formosa Cafe in Hollywood, recognizes the neon sign, goes to the cafe, meets Rosalyn (Joanna Going), and recognizes her as the girl in his vision. In contrast to innocent, trusting Fletcher, however, Rosalyn is a cynical con artist, working an elaborate fine art scam. She thinks she's meeting a wealthy Texan entrepreneur at the Formosa, not a street performer.

As Fletcher and Rosalyn get to know one another, the depth of their soul connection becomes clearer, although Rosalyn stubbornly refuses to acknowledge it. After years of disappointment, she has given up hope that there is someone made just for her, that she will prove worthy of him, and that true love will bring her happiness. All she knows is that, day after day, she is still breathing. Slowly, gradually, despite Rosalyn's resistance, Fletcher's unconditional love opens her heart, melts her fears, and restores her innocence and trust. This is a touching romance, with great chemistry between Brendan Fraser and Joanna Going, a terrific soundtrack, and a happy ending. 

Labels: comedy, drama, fantasy, romance
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