Friday, March 11, 2011

Better Than Sex (2000) [R] ***

Josh (David Wenham) is a wildlife photographer, in Australia for only three days before returning to London. Cin (Susie Porter) is a dress designer. They meet at a party, enjoy a one-night fling and then something happens. Knowing that Josh is leaving encourages them to spend the three days together. The fact that they have great sex together clearly helps. But what begins to develop is an emotional bond, a passionate entanglement that joins them even when they are satiated with sex.

Wenham and Porter are believable in their roles. With lots of freckles and moles, and less than perfect bodies, they aren't airbrushed Hollywood glamour. But their eyes genuinely sparkle and they have terrific chemistry together. On one level this is a delicious little romantic comedy. It is quite erotic, although most of the sex is only heard and not seen since it takes place under the bed sheets. But it is all quite titillating and believable. On another level, however, it's a cautionary tale. Be careful about extending a one-night fling. It might turn into something far more passionate and emotionally compelling than you ever intended.

Labels: drama, romance

Internet Movie Database

Metacritic 47/100
RottenTomatoes Averages (critics=50, viewers=68)

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