Saturday, April 2, 2011

Me Myself I (2000) [R] ***

This film invites a direct comparison with a better known path-not-taken film, The Family Man starring Nicolas Cage and Téa Leoni. In fact, the plotlines are much the same. In both films the main character is living a single, urban lifestyle, in control of their own destiny. Then they slip through a gap in the time-space continuum, appearing in a suburban family setting, with the spouse that got away thirteen years earlier, young children, a much less fulfilling job, and no memory of the thirteen years of married, domestic life.
While Rachel Griffiths is an excellent actress, most of her work has been as an ensemble cast member in a TV series, or in a film supporting role. Rarely has she been called upon to open a film, and it isn't clear that she's strong enough to carry it off. In addition, the screenplay, direction, supporting cast, sets, soundtrack and production values in Me Myself I just do not approach the professional level found in major studio films like The Family Man. While I really do enjoy watching Rachel Griffiths, I found her much more appealing in the family-oriented film, The Rookie in which she played Lorri, the supportive wife of rookie major-leaguer Jim Morris (played by Dennis Quaid). Regardless, if you enjoy path-not-taken romantic comedy-drama, you might give Me Myself I a chance. 

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Internet Movie Database  
Metacritic 46/100   
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