Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hope Springs (2003) [PG-13] **

This romantic comedy is essentially a two girls and a guy triangle. British artist Colin (Colin Firth) is dumped by his British fiancee Vera (Minnie Driver). As part of his healing process, he moves to the New England town of Hope, and there he encounters a group of eccentric residents including Joanie (Mary Steenburgen) the motel manager, Doug (Oliver Platt) the town mayor, and Mandy (Heather Graham) a nursing home caregiver cheerfully determined to nurse him back to mental and emotional health.

These five are excellent actors, and if they'd been given good material, this could have been a very funny film. Unfortunately, Vera is the obstacle keeping Colin and Mandy apart, and she's neither funny nor evil, but just irritating. Colin Firth, who can do excellent work when given a part with substance, has a weakly written character and no direction. The only reason to watch Hope Springs is to enjoy the lovely Heather Graham, who is equally enchanting whether clothed or not. If you agree, you may also enjoy two other Heather Graham films about romantic triangles: Two Girls and a Guy, and Gray Matters. Regardless, if you like romantic comedies like The Accidental Husband, Down with Love, Must Love Dogs, Sweet Home Alabama, or The Wedding Planner, you might enjoy Hope Springs

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