Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If Only (2004) [PG-13] **

Singer and songwriter Samantha Andrews (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is studying music in London when she first meets Ian Wyndham (Paul Nicholls), and they both realize at once that they are meant for each other. However, shortly after they have their first big argument, tragedy strikes and Samantha dies in a horrific accident. Grief-stricken Ian is inconsolable until fate intervenes and the pair is given a second chance.

If Only I had read some of the reviews by professional film critics, I could have spared myself this silly, superficial and mostly meaningless romantic comedy and not wasted ninety minutes of my life. Produced by Jennifer Love Hewitt, this is mainly a star vehicle for Hewitt to make silly faces, bat her eyelashes, display her curvaceous form and sing, all of which she does badly. The screenplay is sloppily written, the dialog between Hewitt and Nicholls is embarrassingly inane, the romantic chemistry between the two is non-existent, and the ending is totally unsatisfying. If you want to see a second-chance romance with some substance, I suggest 13 Going on 30, The Family Man, Just Like Heaven or Sliding Doors, but not If Only.

Labels: comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, tragedy
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