Friday, October 19, 2012

Celine Dion: A New Day (2007) [UR] ***

Celine Dion is beautiful and statuesque; she has prodigious talent, and her voice has amazing power, presence and range. Her show is a wonderful example of the kind of polished, glamorous entertainment spectacle you expect to see in Las Vegas, with an expansive stage built especially for Celine, innovative song arrangements played by a full orchestra, Celine's pleasing figure draped in attractive and sensuous gowns and dresses, and dozens of dancers in intriguing costumes displaying intricate dance choreography - a bit like Celine Dion meets Cirque de Soleil.

Once you get beyond the show's spectacular performance value, however, it's a rather cold, emotionless experience. Celine is a consummate performer but she doesn't connect with her audience; in fact, she uses the dancers to shield herself from contact with her audience - during one number, for instance, she surrounded herself with over twenty, closely-packed male dancers. The only time the shield comes down is at the end of the performance when she regally descends from the stage, in diva fashion, to bestow a single red rose on a middle-aged female fan standing in the front row, a fan who is obviously more overcome with emotion than is Celine.

Her glowing reviews clearly indicate that many viewers like this kind of entertainment. Personally I much prefer a simpler, more heartfelt, more natural, more intimate performance in which the performing artist makes a stronger connection with her audience. 

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