Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Last Thing… (2005) [R] ***

Dylan Jameison (played by Michael Angarano) is a high-school sophomore, living with his mother Karen (played by Cynthia Nixon) in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. Dylan has terminal cancer; he's been through chemotherapy and radiation treatments and has only a few weeks left to live. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted him a final wish, and while he initially wanted to go fishing with his Philadelphia Eagles football hero, at the last minute Dylan decides to change his wish - to a weekend with hot, young supermodel Nikki Sinclaire (played by Sunny Mabrey). What Dylan doesn't know is that Nikki is as damaged as he is ill. Her fiance was killed in an auto accident, and Nikki has turned to alcohol and drugs to dull the pain, with the result that she's destroying her modeling career and herself. Nikki's agent Arlene (played by Gina Gershon) convinces her to make a brief appearance at Dylan's home, for a publicity photo. However, their few minutes together only increases Dylan's obsession with Nikki, and he decides to go to New York City with his two closest buddies to find her. While in NYC, Dylan meets a spiritual seeker (played by Michael Rispoli) who imparts some wisdom about life and death including this: When we're born, we cry and the world is happy. When we die, the world cries and we're happy.

While there really are no surprises in this film - Nikki grants Dylan's wish, and he rescues her before he dies - the ending is sweet and uplifting, and there are three valuable messages: (1) Don't settle for what you know you can get, go for what you really want; (2) Impossible dreams do come true; and, (3) Treat every day as though it might be your last, because one day it will be. Production values are excellent, the soundtrack is terrific and Michael Angarano does a credible job of carrying the film, with support from Sunny Mabrey and Cynthia Nixon. If you enjoyed John Cusack in The Sure Thing and Say Anything..., you probably will enjoy One Last Thing…. 

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