Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chaplin (1992) [PG-13] *****

Everyone has a wild side. Even a legend. If you are a fan of Robert Downey Jr., of the films of Charlie Chaplin, of the music of the late great John Barry, of Hollywood film history, or simply of great film making, you'll enjoy this biopic of the life of Hollywood film legend Chaplin.

Robert Downey Jr. turns in an Oscar-nominated performance, and there are outstanding supporting performances from: Geraldine Chaplin (as Charlie's mother Hannah), Moira Kelly (as Charlie's first love Hetty Kelly and as his last love and wife Oona O'Neill Chaplin), Paul Rhys (as Charlie's half-brother Sydney), John Thaw (as vaudeville impresario Fred Karno), Anthony Hopkins (as book editor George Hayden), Dan Aykroyd (as silent film pioneer Mack Sennett), Marisa Tomei (as Sennett's actress and director Mabel Normand), Penelope Ann Miller (as Charlie's leading lady Edna Purviance), Kevin Kline (as Douglas Fairbanks), Maria Pitillo (as Mary Pickford), Milla Jovovich (as Charlie's first wife Mildred Harris), Diane Lane (as Charlie's third wife Paulette Goddard) and Kevin Dunn (as FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover).

Directed by Richard Attenborough, the film is as fresh and entertaining as it was when it was released nearly twenty years ago.

Labels: biography, comedy, drama, filmmaking

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If you appreciate Robert Downey Jr's incredible talent as an actor, but you've never heard him sing, you will enjoy this video montage of the film Chaplin, set to the song Smile, which was written by Charlie Chaplin and performed by Robert Downey Jr. himself.

Charlie Chaplin's song Smile, from Chaplin, sung by Robert Downey Jr.