Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peter's Friends (1992) [R] ****

The Big Chill meets Four Weddings and a Funeral in this character-driven comedy/drama about six Cambridge University friends who graduated in 1982 and meet for a ten-year reunion on New Year's Eve at the English country estate of one of them. The screenplay contains plenty of witty dialogue, and the acting performances are generally appealing and believable. The cast clearly had a lot of fun making this film.

One minor criticism is that the growth and transformation of each character is very predictable. As a result, not much is left to the imagination, major plot developments are telegraphed well in advance, and there are very few surprises.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy strong performances by Kenneth Branagh, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson, or you just enjoy ensemble romantic comedy/drama with a British flavor, films like Four Weddings and a Funeral or Love Actually, you probably will really enjoy Peter's Friends.

Labels: comedy, drama, reunion, romance