Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm with Lucy (2002) [R] ****

This is a delicious romantic comedy about the pitfalls of the real-life thirty-something dating scene. After Lucy (Monica Potter) is dumped by the perfect man she goes into a mourning period and refuses to date anyone. Finally her sister Jo (Julianne Nicholson) pushes her into a blind date and over the following year, Lucy goes out on five of them.

The way the film examines each blind date is really inventive. We see the first few minutes of each of the five dates in succession. Then we see some more of each of the dates, and then still more. It's very clever because we learn more and more about Lucy at the same time we are learning about each of the five men. And because the men are so unique and well drawn, we see Lucy responding to each of them in ways she would not respond to any of the others. She gets drunk with one date, has passionate, hot sex with another, gets into a fight with another... and so on.

Monica Potter, besides being achingly beautiful, has an adorable, trusting innocence about her. While this is technically a comedy, the characters play it seriously... because, after all, marriage is a life-changing decision. Screenplay, direction and soundtrack are all excellent. The casting is especially good for Lucy's five dates, including John Hannah, Gael Garcia Bernal, Anthony LaPaglia, David Boreanaz and Henry Thomas. If you enjoyed About Adam with Stuart Townsend and Kate Hudson, Little City with Penelope Ann Miller, Joanna Going and Jon Bon Jovi, or the earlier Monica Potter film The Very Thought of You with Rufus Sewell, you probably will really enjoy I'm with Lucy.

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