Friday, February 3, 2012

The Rookie (2002) [G] ****

The game of baseball is a wonderful metaphor for life. Each of us is like a batter, standing at home plate, with our life stretching out before us like the distance along the base paths, and with all of life's tests and trials to be faced, like the opposing team's players arrayed against us in the field. The Rookie uses this metaphor to tell a true story, one that contains all of the elements of the perfect human drama: the man who pursued his childhood dream to be a major league pitcher; the high school kids he challenged and encouraged, and who challenged and encouraged him; the wife who supported him; the son who idolized him; the parents who, belatedly, recognized the greatness in their son.

Don't miss this touching, heart-warming story of dreams and love and fulfillment. The Rookie ranks with the best baseball-themed romances of all times, including The NaturalBull DurhamField of DreamsMr. Baseball and For Love of the GameDennis Quaid is terrific as Jim Morris, a man with a dream. Rachel Griffiths is equally terrific as his wife, Lorri, and there is a wonderful chemistry between them. 

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Internet Movie Database
Metacritic 72/100
RottenTomatoes Averages (critics=72, viewers=66)
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