Monday, February 6, 2012

Life or Something Like It (2002) [PG-13] ***

Lanie (Angelina Jolie) is the Seattle Life lady, a reporter for a Seattle TV station. Pete (Edward Burns) is the cameraman with whom she's had a personal and professional love-hate relationship for several years. One day, Lanie and Pete are doing a local-color piece on Prophet Jack (Tony Shalhoub), a homeless man who sees visions about sports events, weather and financial markets, and makes predictions while standing on a box on a downtown Seattle sidewalk.

On this day, however, Prophet Jack sees something very dark in Lanie's future, and blurts out, apologetically, that she is going to die the following Thursday. Lanie is at first skeptical and then angry; she thinks Pete has paid Jack to shake up her perfect world, as a practical joke. However, when Jack's predictions about football game scores, hailstorms and earthquakes begin to come true, Lanie is forced to take his vision of her death seriously. She begins to examine her life, what's important to her, her personal goals, and her relationships with her father, her sister, her co-workers and especially with Pete.

This film offers a lot of food for thought, and the screenwriting is excellent. The cast is outstanding; Angelina Jolie and Edward Burns have terrific chemistry, Tony Shalhoub is perfect as Prophet Jack, and the supporting cast is great, especially Christian Kane as Lanie's Seattle Mariners baseball player boyfriend Cal Cooper, and Melissa Errico as her reporter girlfriend Andrea. If you enjoy meant-to-be-together romantic comedies in which a third person acts as a catalyst, films like The Family ManSleepless in Seattle, or While You Were Sleeping, you might really enjoy Life or Something Like It. 

Labels: comedy, romance     
Internet Movie Database 5.8/10     
Metacritic 31/100     
RottenTomatoes Averages (critics=45, viewers=56)

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