Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mini's First Time (2006) [R] ***

Mini (Nikki Reed) is a seductive high school senior who lives a luxurious life in sun-drenched southern California, with her mother Diane (Carrie-Anne Moss) and her stepfather Martin (Alec Baldwin). Mini, who has her own BMW Z4 convertible, lacks for nothing; she is continually searching for the next first-time thrill, and having outgrown the hormonal teenage boys at her high school, she takes a job at a Hollywood escort service, where her youth and beauty make her highly desirable. One of her first clients is her stepfather, and after they get over the initial shock, they discover that they have a lot in common and actually enjoy each other’s company.

Within a couple of months Mini and Martin are having a real love affair, while Diane remains completely oblivious. But Mini is really tired of her drunken, cocaine-addicted mother, and she suggests to Martin that they could unhinge Diane by secretly doping her with Ritalin, and then have her institutionalized and be rid of her. Martin likes the plan, but when they discover Diane passed out, the two conspirators decide they could murder her, and really be done with her. Their plan is poorly executed, though, and both police detective Garson (Luke Wilson) and next-door neighbor Mike Rudell (Jeff Goldblum) begin to suspect that Diane’s death was not a suicide.

Written and directed by novice Nick GutheMini’s First Time starts with a good concept, and has a fine cast, but suffers from an unpolished script, lackluster direction, uninspired editing and extreme overacting, especially from Carrie-Anne Moss and Jeff Goldblum. Worse, however, this black comedy simply does not know what it wants to be. It swings wildly from being satirical to being just sleazy, without fully committing to either. Regardless, if you enjoy noir crime thrillers in which men are manipulated by scheming, seductive women, films like The Babysitter (Alicia Silverstone), Body Heat (Kathleen Turner), The Last Seduction (Linda Fiorentino) or Poison Ivy (Drew Barrymore), then you might find Mini’s First Time entertaining.

Labels: comedy, crime, drama
Internet Movie Database
Metacritic 45/100
RottenTomatoes Averages (critics=56, viewers=60)

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