Friday, August 10, 2012

A Stranger’s Heart (2007-TV) [UR] ***

After living with a heart condition for most of her life since her mother's accidental death, Callie (Samantha Mathis) moves into the university medical center heart transplant ward to wait for a suitable donor heart. She meets Jasper (Peter Dobson) who's been waiting for a heart for several months, and has developed a rather macabre heart-transplant-ward sense of humor - he's thrilled about New Year's Eve because of the auto accidents, and thus the increase in number of potential heart donors.

After several weeks of waiting, Callie and Jasper both receive new hearts within a twenty-four hour period, and then they both mysteriously begin to experience dreams about a little girl named Cricket (Mary Matilyn Mouser), to whom they are strongly but inexplicably drawn. Callie discovers that their heart donors were Cricket's parents, both of whom had died in an automobile accident.

It turns out that Callie and Jasper are experiencing the phenomenon known as cellular memory. This is a touching, character-driven melodrama about how Callie and Jasper and their new hearts find themselves in love with each other, and how they reconnect with Cricket. This made-for-TV movie will be best appreciated by those who enjoy low-key, family-oriented dramas like Jack & Sarah - also starring Samantha Mathis, Hope Floats,  Stepmom, and Return to Me, as well as fans of Samantha Mathis and Peter Dobson. 

Label: romance

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