Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yanks (1979) [R] ****

In the months before June 1944, thousands of American soldiers massed in towns across England, training and waiting for the order to launch the WW II D-Day invasion across the English Channel. They were far away from home, fearful for the future and lonely for their loved ones. In those same towns were hundreds of English girls, fearful and lonely because their loved ones in British uniform were fighting and dying in distant lands. Yanks tells the story of three love affairs between American soldiers and English girls, their loneliness, anxiety and guilt. 

The screenplay, direction, sets and musical score are all excellent, and give us a wonderful nostalgic feeling for the time and place... the cold wet winter, the grey leaden skies, the drab little towns. The performances, however, were rather restrained and understated, particularly those of Richard Gere and William Devane. They needed to be somewhat more open and passionate. Because their characters display so little emotion, it's hard for us to be convinced of the intensity of their feelings, and to see the effect that Lisa Eichhorn and Vanessa Redgrave's characters are having on them. This is a good film, but it could have been a great one. Regardless, if you enjoyed Hanover Street with Harrison Ford and Lesley-Anne Down, you'll probably like Yanks.

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