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Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) [PG-13] ****

Peggy Sue is forty-three years old wife and mother, living in the small California town in which she grew up. She has two teenage children and a cheating husband from whom she's getting a divorce. Peggy Sue is going through a mid-life passage, and she looks back on her life with some regrets. She thinks: If I'd known then, what I know now, I would have done things differently. Then, while attending her 25th high school reunion her heart stops, she steps through a time portal and awakens twenty-five years earlier as a high school senior in the year 1960, but with all of her life memories and dreams intact.

As Peggy Sue reconnects with her friends, her parents and sister, and her long-deceased grandparents, she gains a new appreciation of the value of family and friends. However, she also experiences how difficult and frustrating it is to make meaningful changes in her life. The value for all of us, regardless of our age, is to ask ourselves: If I'd known when I graduated from high school that this is how my life would turn out, would I have been satisfied?

Peggy Sue Got Married is a bit like a time capsule, because we are able to enjoy the early work of many young actors and actresses who have gone on to outstanding careers in the film and television industry, including Kathleen Turner (Peggy Sue Kelcher), Nicolas Cage (her husband Charlie Bodell), Barry Miller (classmate Richard Norvik), Jim Carrey (classmate Walter Getz), Helen Hunt (daughter Beth Bodell), Joan Allen (girlfriend Maddy Nagle), Catherine Hicks (girlfriend Carol Heath), Sofia Coppola (sister Nancy Kelcher), Kevin J. O'Connor (classmate Michael Fitzsimmons), Wil Shriner (classmate Arthur Nagle), Don Stark (classmate Doug Snell), Lucinda Jenny (classmate Rosalie Testa) and Lisa Jane Persky (classmate Delores Dodge).

The supporting cast also includes Peggy's mother and father (Barbara Harris and Don Murray), and her grandparents (Maureen O'Sullivan and Leon Ames). If you enjoy romantic dramas and comedies in which Time itself, plays a significant role - films like The Family Man, Forever Young, The Lake House, Pleasantville and Somewhere in Time - then you will really enjoy Peggy Sue Got Married. 

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