Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sex and the City (2008) [R] ***

Years have passed since the Sex and the City TV series, and our four friends have gone their separate ways. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) has published three self-help books and is a shopaholic, obsessed with designer labels; but her relationship with John Mr. Big Preston (Chris Noth) is boring. Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) lives in California, in a Malibu beach house; she's in a long-term relationship with a hunky young actor, but she's bored. Samantha is a classic sex addict; her thoughts and casual conversation reveal an obsession with sex, and now she's begun to fantasize about the stud-muffin next door. Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) is married with a young son; while she's the antithesis of Samantha, she's also bored. Sex doesn't interest her at all; in fact she's stopped waxing her bikini line. And bubbly, naive Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) is anything but bored; she's happily married and popping out babies.

The four friends are drawn together in New York by two dramatic events: Miranda's husband Steve (David Eigenberg), without a hint or warning, confesses to having had a one-time extramarital affair; he begs Miranda to forgive him. And Carrie coerces a marriage proposal out of Mr. Big, who panics and fails to appear at the wedding. With Miranda and Steve separated, and with Carrie an emotional wreck, the four escape to a Mexican resort - Carrie's honeymoon destination - after which they return to NYC and Malibu to pick up the pieces of their lives. Carrie hires an assistant, Louise (Jennifer Hudson), who turns out to be the most authentic and entertaining character in the story. But, by the film's end the dramas are resolved, loose ends tidied up and everybody is happy.

The screenplay is derivative, with little that is new, refreshing or insightful. The four actresses have been playing these roles for years, so nobody breaks any new ground in her performance. Production values are over the top glamour-wise, but it's mostly fluff with little substance. Only ardent Sex and the City fans need bother. 

Labels: comedy, drama, romance, wedding

Internet Movie Database
Metacritic 53/100
Tomatometer (critics=49, viewers=77)

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