Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Sassy Girl (2008) [PG-13] ***+

Charlie Bellow (Jesse Bradford) is a shy, gentle young man from the Midwest, who's just finished his freshman year at college in New York City, when he hears the tragic news that his cousin has drowned. He visits his Aunt Sally (Joanna Gleason) to try to comfort her, and although she mentions someone she'd like him to meet, he's not interested. His roommate Leo (Austin Basis) is also pushing him to start dating, without success.

Then one day Charlie sees a lovely blonde girl (Elisha Cuthbert) perched precariously on a subway platform railing; as she falls toward an onrushing train, Charlie saves her, only to discover that she's dead drunk. Unwilling to leave her on a subway bench, he brings her home to sober up. Her name is Jordan Roark and as the two get to know one another over the following six months, Charlie can't decide if she's bipolar, is trying to drive him crazy, or simply has a 14-piece matching set of Louis Vuitton emotional baggage. Regardless, Charlie finds himself falling in love with Jordan, but realizes that she doesn't feel the same way about him. What he doesn't know is that Jordan is an emotional wreck because she's grieving for her lost fiance, who died just before she and Charlie met, which is why she was drunk on the subway platform.

This is an unusual romance about a girl whose grief is driving her crazy, but who is perceptive enough to know that the young man who rescued her from death could be her destiny, her bridge to life, love and the future, if only he will give her time to heal. The screenplay is wildly creative, with some memorable dialog. Bradford and Cuthbert have great chemistry and their portrayals of steadfast, reliable Charlie and unpredictable Jordan are believable and sympathetic. If you enjoyed Bed of Roses or Still Breathing, I predict you'll enjoy My Sassy Girl

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