Friday, January 24, 2014

Flirting with Forty (2008-TV) [UR] **

Jackie Laurens (Heather Locklear) is a single mother, living in Denver and working as an interior designer while trying to raise two young children. Her ex-husband Daniel (Cameron Bancroft) is dating a much-younger woman, and as Jackie nears her fortieth birthday, she begins to feel sad and depressed, as if life were passing her by.

To cheer her up, her best friend Kristine (Vanessa Williams) plans a Christmas vacation trip to Hawaii for the two of them, but at the last moment Kristine has to cancel and Jackie finds herself traveling alone to Honolulu. She meets Kyle Hamilton (Robert Buckley) a much-younger, hard-bodied surf instructor who's originally from Malibu, and there's instant attraction. Over the next six months Jackie makes four trips from Denver to Honolulu to spend time with Kyle, while her girlfriends wonder if she has traded her real world in Denver for a Hawaiian fantasy. It's only when Jackie's young daughter is injured in an auto accident while in the babysitter's care, and Jackie must rush back from Honolulu to care for her and deal with the disapproval of her friends and ex-husband, that she is forced to make the difficult decision to sacrifice her own happiness for her children.

This is a made-for-TV, romantic melodrama featuring a predictable, uninspired screenplay, lackluster cast performances, marginal chemistry between Locklear and Buckley, and an unremarkable soundtrack. On the plus side, there's romantic Hawaiian scenery, and sets that include swimming and board surfing, snorkeling with turtles, tropical fish and coral reefs, a beach picnic, swimming in a waterfall-fed tropical pool (NOT recommended in real life), a luxurious hotel suite, a romantic rural cottage and, of course, a happy ending. The only things absent from this Hawaiian travelogue are a luau, hula dancers and some actual native Hawaiians. If you enjoy films about cougars (older women who have romances with younger men), if you are a fan of Heather Locklear, or if you want to renew the memories of your last vacation to Waikiki Beach, this is the film for you. For everyone else, it is simply a total waste of time. 

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