Friday, January 24, 2014

WALL-E (2008) [G] *****

On post-apocalyptic Earth there are no humans left, only a trash-compacting android named WALL-E, who builds replicas of skyscrapers by stacking cubes of compacted trash, and who hides from the devastating sandstorms that blow through the city each afternoon.

One day a reconnaissance spaceship lands, and an android named EVE emerges and begins searching for something. WALL-E is both fascinated with, and terrified by EVE, and slowly the two androids begin to develop a bond. When EVE finds a living plant and the reconnaissance ship returns for her, WALL-E hitches a ride. And when the reconnaissance ship docks with AXIOM, its mother ship, WALL-E discovers that AXIOM contains a colony of humans who have been waiting over seven hundred years and untold generations for Earth to regenerate itself so they can go home. EVE's return with the living plant is a signal equivalent to the dove returning to Noah's ark with the olive branch in its beak. The AXIOM mother ship, which resembles a cross between a nursery and a Wal-Mart superstore, has been keeping the humans alive, under the parental control of a supercomputer named OTTO. However, in a twist reminiscent of the computer HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, OTTO refuses to give up control and return the human colony to earth.

How EVE, WALL-E and their team of rogue mother ship androids work together with the ship's human captain to defeat OTTO forms the climax of this adventure. The animation is superb, and the lesson about our need to limit our consumption, before Earth is totally buried in our garbage, is obvious. The plot, however, is so derivative that anyone older than twelve will not be the least bit surprised. 

Labels: adventure, animation, family, romance, satire, sci-fi    
Internet Movie Database   
Metacritic 94/100    
Tomatometer (critics=96, viewers=89)    

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