Friday, January 24, 2014

Picture This! (2008) [UR] **

She's All That meets Mean Girls in this mediocre, almost totally derivative, made-for-TV movie that manages to steal something from every teen geek-to-princess film made in the past decade. The only remotely innovative plot device is the pair of camera cell phones that Mandy's father buys (one for each of them), ostensibly as her eighteenth birthday present, but really so he can keep some control over her.

Ashley Tisdale, as Mandy, may look and sound like Amanda Bynes, but she's not in the same league as far as acting ability; Kevin Pollack's talent is sadly wasted in a supporting role as Mandy's father; and Robbie Amell, as the high school hunk who falls for Mandy, is simply a clueless Ken-doll who is vaguely reminiscent of an adolescent Tom Cruise. Rather than wasting ninety minutes of your life on this bit of mindless fluff, I highly recommend Amanda Bynes in She's the Man instead. 

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