Monday, February 3, 2014

The Edge of the Garden (2011-TV) [UR] ***

Brian Connor (Rob Estes) is a hard-edged San Francisco businessman who buys a web hosting company in Maine and soon finds himself being talked into buying a run-down rural cottage. Late one evening he meets Nora Hargrave (Sarah Manninen) in the cottage garden, but the two soon discover that while they occupy the same space, they exist fifty years apart in time. Nora is young and newly-married to Thomas (David Lewis) an overbearing, controlling attorney... a decision she is already beginning to regret. And when she falls ill with a mysterious disease, Brian is determined to reach across the span of time to try to help her.

If you’re familiar with The Love Letter (1998), an earlier Hallmark original movie, and Somewhere in TimeThe Edge of the Garden will feel both very familiar and somewhat derivative. 

Labels: drama, romance 

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