Monday, February 3, 2014

Just Go With It (2011) [PG-13] ***

Danny (Adam Sandler) is an unmarried plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, whose practice consists of correcting other surgeons' mistakes and whose personal life consists of a series of one-night stands. Danny's assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) is a single mother with two preteen children, who admires Danny professionally, while disapproving of his lifestyle. Life is good for Danny until he meets and falls for the much-younger Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). Palmer finds a fake wedding band in Danny's pants pocket, and rejects him because she feels guilty about dating a married man. As a ploy to win Palmer back, Danny convinces Katherine to pretend to be his soon-to-be ex-wife, befriending Palmer in the process. There are subplots involving Devlin (Nicole Kidman) a college friend of Katherine's, Eddie (Nick Swardson) Danny's cousin, and Katherine's two children.

There is little that is creative, unique or appealing about this film and it is a terrible waste of talent. The plot - man chases beautiful girl while oblivious to the attractive woman who loves him – has been done before, most successfully as a teen comedy, for example Some Kind of Wonderful. There is no romantic chemistry between Sandler and either Aniston or Decker, and the Wailea, Maui filming locations, while colorful and exotic, simply emphasize how devoid the film is of any real romantic tension. If you want to see Adam Sandler in a romantic comedy set in Hawaii, I recommend 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore, but not Just Go With It

[Blogger's comment: My wife and I were actually living in Wailea, Maui in 2010 while this was being filmed. We observed sets being built in and around the Grand Wailea Resort, and my wife even glimpsed Jennifer Aniston taking a morning run. Regardless, this is a terrible film, but as often occurs, there's a complete disconnect between critics' ratings (2 stars) and viewing audiences (4 stars). Personally, I gave it ** out of 5 stars.]

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Metacritic 33/100    
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