Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sundays at Tiffany’s (2010-TV) [PG] ***

Michael was an imaginary friend to Jane until her tenth birthday when he disappeared. Now, twenty-eight years have passed and Jane (Alyssa Milano) is all grown up, a producer at her mother's theater, and about to marry Hugh (Ivan Sergei) a self-absorbed actor of TV soap operas and stage plays.

Jane is planning their wedding, but she can't make any of the critical decisions about flowers, cake and wedding dress. Her best friend and psychiatrist (played by Kristin Booth) knows what the problem is, that Jane isn't really in love with Hugh. But it's only when Michael (Eric Winter) appears to her again, now as a real grown-up, and reconnects Jane with her childhood innocence and dreams, that she appreciates what she has been missing in her life. Gradually Jane realizes that Michael is her true soul mate, while she remains committed to marrying Hugh.

This PG-rated Lifetime Television romantic drama suffers from a plodding, predictable screenplay, banal dialogue and lackluster direction. The only thing saving the film is the energy and enthusiasm that Alyssa Milano and Eric Winter bring to the production. Imagine a low-budget, made-for-television, happily-ever-after version of City of Angels and you will have a good idea of what Sunday at Tiffany's offers. Ardent fans of Alyssa Milano will be rewarded. Others should pass. 

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